I’m a self-taught visual artist. I chose the action painting technique because it best describes my character. In this style, paint is spontaneously dribbled, splashed, or smeared onto the canvas, rather than being carefully applied. I like to combine different colors and express my emotions through art.

     Things that inspire me include traveling, people, and love. I grew in Ukraine and used to study in Rome & New York. 

     The best way to get to know me and my work is through my social network sites: Instagram and Facebook.

info@izbyart.com | www.izbyart.com | 347.523.1226

Visual Artist

Currently lives and works in New York, USA

Emerging artist, working primarily in acrylics, often employing bold colors and ‘drip technique’ in an abstract expressionist manner.


2019 Solo Exhibition & Silent Auction, Klimat Lounge NYC

2019 Fine Art Trade Show, Artexpo - NYC

2018 Theater Performance & Group Exhibition, Ukrainian National Home

2018 Group Exhibition, The Sheen Center for Thought & Culture

2017 Group Exhibition, Koza Bar - Ukraine

2016 Group Exhibition, Greenpoint Gallery - NYC

2016 Group Exhibition - Fundraiser, Franciscan Community Center - NYC

2015-2016 Live Painting, "Cielo" Times Square Jazz Bar - NYC

2015 Group Exhibition - Fundraiser, Old Stone House - Brooklyn, NY

2015 Art Show and Competition, Franciscan Community Center


2019 Fine Art Trade Show, Artexpo, New York, NY - “Rising Artist” award

2015 An Art Show and Competition, Franciscan Community Center, New York, NY - 2nd place winner


Private collection, New York, NY

Private Collection, Tucson, AZ
Private collection, Twentynine Palms, CA

Private collection, Byfield, MA
Private collection, Boston, MA
Private collection, Chicago, IL
Private collection, San Juan, PR
Private collection, Atlanta, GA
Private collection, Kiev, Ukraine
Private collection, Ternopil, Ukraine

Artist Statement

Oksana Izbyanska


Everyone views the world differently. I see the world in vivid colors, which I use in my paintings. I am an artist, actress, event manager, and so much more. I am an acrylic artist who loves to use different surfaces and tools to create abstract expressionist paintings. Through art, I express my emotion, thoughts, and dreams. I hope that my art will provoke positive emotions and thoughts, but most importantly encourage my viewers to move forward, reach their goals, and change our world.

My paintings are a blend of the contemporary and the abstract. I use drip paint techniques, palette knives, acrylic, textures, and bright colors. I chose the drip paint technique because it best captures my character. In this style, paint is spontaneously dribbled, splashed, or smeared onto the canvas, rather than being carefully applied. I like to combine different colors.

Most of my paintings start on an easel, then I move to a table, and finally end up flat on the floor, where I use unconventional techniques and tools. I am fully immersed in the process. I apply paint as if I was transposing music into visual art. I actually use music to help guide my hand and body. My motions are trance-like movements around the canvas, which allow me to transform a blank surface into a colorful masterpiece. Through the use of music, I allow my hand and body to drip and paint my creative vision. I paint with red lipstick on, which makes me feel bold, sophisticated, and provoking . My method is an expression of my spiritual essence deeply rooted in mind, body, and spirit.

I am always very inspired after traveling. It is essential for me. Every time I travel, I see the world differently than I used to before. I am inspired by amazing building architecture, nature, the vivid colors of the tropics, beautiful bridges, and most importantly by the people I encounter. When I meet people, especially those from different cultures, I begin to understand their perspective of the world, and I try to emulate their visions of the world in my paintings. That is why, even though I use a common technique, each painting is different and is as unique as every individual person that I have met. While everyone sees the same painting, each person experiences it differently. Even if the same tools are used, no painting can ever be replicated, since the movements and emotions are never the same. It can take me a few days to make a background, a few hours to splash an acrylic, and a few seconds to splash a fluid acrylic on top. Those last minutes are vital: they can make the painting beautiful or ruin it entirely. The same is true of life. We can work very hard to keep it perfect but can ruin everything within seconds. The most important thing is to never give up, no matter how long something takes: grab another canvas, start your life from scratch, and create a masterpiece.

I have always been inspired by Jackson Pollock’s work. His style has consistently influenced my life and creativity. My goal is to continue to develop my technique, use new tools, but most importantly to provoke people's thoughts and minds.  I am excited to continue composing larger pieces and I look forward to creating installations that will provocatively awaken the senses of my audience.